Before school…

Before school….I can still recall the excitement of a new school year as a child, a student, a mom and later as an educator. Mom taught first grade for nearly 50 years, so as far as I can remember the days leading up to school were filled with the requisite clothes and supply shopping; book buying; schedule mapping; course selection; curriculum development; and transportation planning. It wasn’t until after the kids left home and I no longer taught that I had an opportunity to look at fall and the start of the school year with a new vision. At first I was absolutely lost and handled it buying supplies for all the kids I knew.  I finally tapered off and began to welcome the season as a perfect opportunity to observe beginnings and endings; and the nature of things.

The start of this school year finds me starting a graduate program at a time when my peers are retiring, or comfortably settled in their careers.  I decided to do something that I always wanted to do: earn a graduate degree in writing. There are two things you should know about me. I love learning and strive to learn something new every day. In fact, I thrive on it! Secondly, I’ve done just about everything my own way. I can’t say that’s been 100% successful, but it’s been a worthy life experience and I’ve earned the life that I live.

I finished undergrad at age 36, with two young children, the last having been a nursing three month old when I returned to complete the last year of my interrupted education. Nonetheless, it took more than a bit of positive self-talk to get me to finally complete the applications.  When I received word that I’d been accepted, I was so overwhelmed, I just cried.

I should have been elated. I was and still am. But, then followed the wave of panic. Oh my God! What have I gotten myself into?


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